Friday, May 15, 2009

a whole lotta stuff..

well not really,

My Cousin's dad "Big Darryl" Died Last friday. His funeral is Tomorrow. My Uncle and Aunt are visiting to attend the funeral services. I won't be attending. Lil Darryl's in the city for the first time in a long time. I hope he visits us. we have Lower Back Issues.. yeah man it's life.

Other than that. My Nephew is kind of Getting in the way of everything. Same as the Dogs. and with that. my brother didnt prepare his room for their stay. so my momma is angry about that.

Our Dog is sick. He has a bad case of The flee's. His skin is hard as hell. he needs to see a vet. Really.

I did my Girl's Flier and well yall see it possted

I set up my Dads Bluetooth. it was my fist time working with one. I even connected our phones. I'll have to do this with my PC and my phone! this should be cool! ..l have the software for it on my desktop. I'll readd it to my laptop to transfer STUFF! .. GREAT!!

yeah yeah yeah Im Bored. I'm Out
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