Monday, June 01, 2009

A Friend Gone So Soon

I got some shocking news as i logged on to facebook Sunday night. I saw the status of a Friend of Mine saying "Rest in Peace Niqueta Redd" Just seeing that Shocked Me... I went to her page and her last status was "I'm not feeling so well this morning" .. and sadly sometime Sunday evening she passed.

What a Shocker.. I Honestly am still speechless, knowing that she battled with heart troubles and also had a succesful heart transplant. It saddends me to know that That she died on us..

it's like like I was Just IMing with her the other day telling her how i was glad to be making strides with getting my fraternity organized. .. It's wild because I wanted to continue that conversation. but I wasn't logged in on YIM till after I heard about her Passing. She Even posted on My Facebook page yesterday.. I typed "Discovery Channel, Woo!" and she replied "That was my QTPi Name" Refering to the Sorority she belonged to.

Here it is.. (May 30th Entry)

We Met back in 2005 during the SWAC classic events... She was one of the coolest people I've met from the SWACfans site.

here's something she wrote about me back in December 2007 in her "Love Y'all" Entry on her facebook notes.. it wasn't Much, but I appreciated it

Joshua - Bookman "Yams" come on dude word ha ha. But really you bring a special spark to our conversations as RANDOM as they may sometimes be.
As a Friend I respected her greatly, just seeing that .. I'm tearing up just reading that.. yeah "Yams" is one of my crazy innuendos .glad to know that i was part of "The COALITION" too

Well.. I'm Just letting you know That I'm shedding Tears for you.. cause i can't really say anymore.. you just left us all without warning.. So unexpected.. Wow........

Rest In Peace Niqueta Williams, "May 31 2009" You'll be missed.
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