Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I'm not a Voice to be heard

Well, No I am. LOL...

I've been thinking about Podcasting or atleast Voice blogging or what ever you call it these days. Cheese Biscuit has been asking and encouraging me to start a talk radio show. i've been thinking about it for months now. Last time i tried, it was a failed attempt. Technically it was a radio show. but I canceled my account. Infact i think i still have software from that program on here.

What I want to do though is have something online where i can be free to say what I want. but yet on the order of a Morning show. ya know? .. at the same time. i don't think people would want to hear me .. bad enough, i'm not a good writer. sometimes i don't see why people read this blog..

I just want to broadcast myself! LOL .. I need "Black & Blues Radio" to make the return ya know. LOL..

Smooth Jazz and Acid Jazz sounds good about this time of morning.. .. I should be heading to bed now..
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