Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lets hope I’m good for tomorrow

all day my lower back has been aching, it’s hard to walk straight. I hope it hasn’t slipped out of place again. That would mean another surgery. Every now and then I get these pains, but today and yesterday is has been the worst since I was fixed. Let hope it hasn’t I already feel the tightening in my legs I may have to get an X ray. I hope it’s not touching a nerve.  it’s not my muscle it’s the bone.

I seriously have to loose weight. but How and when! because this stuff hurts. even as i type. I’m sitting up now, but I’m hurting. I’ll lay down in when I’mdone. I’ve been doing so all day.  I should go hop in the tub  before i head to bed though.

That Michael Jackson Second-line Tribute is tomorrow.. Lets hope nobody gets shot!

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