Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Owls are Hooting

I've realized that the things I say Truly matter to people a long time ago. but now I see that I have a few people watching my posts and going back to Figure me out. I guess they don't trust my judgement.

Here's what happened. I Had a Conversation with a Girl, Lets Just call her "Girl-E"
we were talking via facebook and she shared her thoughts with me about expectations for he upcoming tryout session ...

The same day On The Band site I run, I posted the Direct opinion of Girl-E on the website. .. So yesterday I got a message from her saying "I was informed that you mentioned a conversation we had on your site, please refrain from mentioning my name" .. so I said "yeah .. Cool"

Which means that SOMEBODY's Watching me and assumes that im lying. I bet when Girl-E confirmed it was true and they felt stupid..

Either that or they just started hooting to be messy.. as if I didnt know what i was talking about.

lol but you know what. at this point I just want people to understand that when I say something as it regards to a marching bands & discussing events with people that it is certain. I would not say anything to exploit those females in any form.

I feel that It's best to get the thoughts, and opinions from the Actual members of these squads rather than believing the lies and rumors that are usually posted here. as an administrator of this site. it's my responsibility to release factual information.

With that said, To all those Non believers, who are Watching me... I will not lie when it relates to the people I speak with. Therefore, No Confirmation is needed when I speak of these dancers. Please Note, If info gets to me it's usually true. I would not sit up here and spread false information on a site that i am running.

those who Know me honestly and truthfully. Know That I speak In support of all of those dancers

Those who feel the need to investigate my posts. i guess you've seen the light.

SMH... How can you do that to me when i said nothing wrong.. how could you not believe me. as admin of that site my goal is to always have these members viewed in a positive light.
I don't understand why they question my authority....

And Then I was RIGHT! ya know!
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