Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Cameras I've Owned Since 2002

In 2003 I had this Cheap Digital cam a Vivitar Vivicam 10. I believe it ws a 3.0 megapixel cam. around that time 3 megapixels was "standard" ..LOL it did me well for the time. even tho my pics were blury as hell
My 2nd camera was the an HP 3.1 cam, it did me good, Simple but low quality video. I used it a LOT..

I had the Fuji Finepix s5100 when my small cam broke in 2004... til 2007
it went bad in like 06 so i bought a new one, it was a 5mp

2008 i had that s5800 it did me well. I loved it.. But it Fell too many times.. 8 megapixels

now i use the fujifilm s2000hd its fine for me now.. but i'll upgrade when the time comes

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