Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Power Back On

About a good hour ago we had a power outage in my area. I thought it was only Me. so I called my sister to tell her. Then I went to check with a neighbor who was out working on his home. He told me that it was the whole Block, he mentioned that he saw when the lights from the Walgreens went out and he figured we were out.. LOL  I was like, I almost though The bill wasn’t paid ..LOL

From there I awaited for the Entergy guy to turn the lights on. It started to get hot too.  Just imagine, I was getting Hungrier by the minute. I was warming Hot dogs prior to the lights going out. so that SUCKED. I was in here listening to my music and junk and BAM! no power . talk about Halting my Music Relaxation Experience for the moment..

Well. I’m back online Now of course. This means MUSIC!!

I may be getting ready to throw another Wrestling Video on in a second. so be on the lookout for that maybe later on tonight or some time tomorrow.

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