Thursday, July 23, 2009

6 Shots Ring out at TSU & it’s National News Yesterday I got an article from the New York Times about the Shooting at TSU.   6 people shot, One was a Student… After reading the article I thought to myself, Wow  Only something like this would happen when a Local Rapper is involved. oh and Boy did they have Bad Aim to Hit all those people and Not Kill any of them (Thank God) It’s Noted to be Gang violence from Suburban area of Houston (Missouri City Tx).

I just hope they don’t  Try to tie anything from This to New Orleans people, Why? Because New Orleans and Gangs just don’t see Eye to eye.  When the Latin Kings tried to Migrate here in the 90’s, they got their Issue from NOPD and were Disbanded, Never to Return.

Now. Back to This Case…

I Turned on the News This Morning and it was on the TODAY show  isn’t that NBC?From what I know It’s already Reached CNN and Fox already.  2009 is such a crazy year.  In August Their will be “Stop The Violence” Rallies Everywhere during the Night Out against Crime… and it just so happens that Violence has been The Thing to Do in 2009…

Bad Enough the 2008-09 School year for  Southern University in BR was Plagued by Negative News, the Hazing case is still in the media, Their was a Football player accused of Rape, a Number of students involved in shootings. as well as Their Drum Major was shot and paralyzed.  They Eventually Held a Stop The Violence Rally to Stand Up against Those acts.

Now Texas Southern Has to Deal with campus security issues. The Location of this Event Happened at the Stadium (Here’s The News Article) IMO, It should have Been on the Tigerwalk between the Plaza and Student Center Instead. It’s one of the Safest locations on campus. See, The Tigerwalk is off Limits to driving traffic unless authorized by TSU. Therefore No Drive-by  shootings can occur. The only way that can happen is if someone jumps the curb and risk either damaging their car, or damaging part of TSU’s campus.

Short History Lesson

Prior to the TigerWalk being revamped. It was Wheeler Street.  A two-way street of open traffic. the reason it was closed of was due to violent acts in the past where people were purposely hit by cars or have had some kinds of trouble with Drivers on The Streets whether it be race related etc. With it closing, There are no other street that Run through TSU’s Campus. Oddly Enough both TSU and UH is in a bad neighborhood. 

Will This cause students not to attend? Hopefully not, because this was not a Student Matter. this is a Houston Problem.

As I said earlier, There shouldn’t have been much of a problem with something like this on TSU’s Campus. but where Local Rappers go, They bring their entourages with them..and who knows what folks entourages may be involved it.  Now Although the his entourage was long gone before the shootings took place.  It’s sad to say even think that any of them were the initial targets as well as the fact that it all happened at an Event where Someone is Being Honored. …Some folks always have to mess something up.

Texas Southern Should be Fine. this wasn’t a TSU case. Just a spark of Gang Related Issues HPD has been dealing with for a long time. It Just so happens tat this time it happened on another College Campus. The Bad part. an HBCU campus.

Someone has Already commented on my Youtube video saying Racist remarks

see here

Zunk11 writes..
As soon as I saw headlines saying "drive-by shooting, six injured, etc." I thought 'it's black.'
Sure enough, you read on- rival gangs, black Univ., "block party", Rep. Sheila Jackson-- sure enough, it's blacks.
When was the last time you heard of a white drive-by? It's almost always blacks

Note: That comment had nothing to do with the video it was posted to.  I went to his page, and wrote.. “Well hey it could have been Mexicans".. I wrote it because when you look at the Houston demographic and the Gang Violence at hand. Their are a number of Gangs in and around Houston.  now. Just because it happens at a Black University has little to do with the people Involved.

Most likely these “Gangsters”  were not students . and maybe Nor was the Initial target…

I Hate when These things happen. It makes  Us Black folks look bad across the board.  when the situation happened at VT nobody suspected that the race of the shooter would be of Asian decent.  Why? because it’s a Pro-White Institute where the only Logical assumption is to blame it on a minority student. . it’s like nobody would straight up Guess “ah White school, White Person” … No This is the 21st Century, America. That’s not how things work anymore.


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