Saturday, July 11, 2009

Million Dollar Budget Cuts to NOCCA? OH NO!

It’s messed up that They’re always cutting The ARTS First.

In the past three months I’ve heard of Fine Arts programs all over the US being cut. but it surprises me that such a great INSTITUTE OF THE ARTS like  NOCCA has been affected by this recession. 

Oddly Enough In this City the Arts are on a Rise!. With these budget cuts it may slow down the way things are going at NOCCA. but hopefully they’ll be able to get a great number of Talented Kids to generate a some money to Run their programs

The President/CEO says that They’re cutting The Bussing, Summer & After school programs.  Basically Running it as they did the Old NOCCA. other than that. a Shuffle with staffing and All Kinds of stuff man.

I Attended NOCCA for a Semester in 1999  (for Visual Arts) prior to the moving to the Riverfront Area. although I flunked out It was worth getting into. for me, It was Assurance that I was Good Enough. 

It’s something though, I was just talking to someone about some artwork and making references to my attendance @ NOCCA. .. Now I’m hearing This… WOW!

Sometimes I wish this Recession is over.

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