Friday, July 31, 2009

The Facebook Engagement

Aight, Now I find it funny that I’ve been getting “Congrats” all Day Yesterday because my Facebook Relationship status changed. I had to tell some folks it was false and only for Facebook.  My Buddy Chelsea and I Felt like being silly and having a Facebook Relationship … I told her to put *in a relationship with* as our Status.. but she wanted to take it further. So with that I had to Explain to folks that it’s just for Giggles.

My Buddy Qui just figured It was False automatically saying “If Only it were true” ..LOL well Of Course it ain’t I called her and she was like “I’m mad at U because we were supposed to do that!” I said UHH Too Late! LOL! …

But Yeah. I came up with the Idea 2 Night ago. .Mainly because since Mothers day she’s been my “Internet Baby Mama” lol So I sent her a messege about having a False Relationship.  and she was up for it. 

Especially after A situation that occurred on the Forum.. Somebody cussed her out.. So I banned that person … After that she was Really up for it .. She was Lke Yeah we can do that now, hurry! LOL..

But yeah of course It’s False, but She’s still my Hunnie ..LOL

I Kinda Like the Idea, it feels Good in a false way!

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