Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I’m Using Networked Blogs Via Facebook

I’ve come to a realization that “Following” is the new way of Connection to updates in Social media. As Twitter has Followers, Google has a Follower, Facebook has Facebook connect as well as 3rd party programs for following. I’ve come to realize that. I have Readers, yet nobody wants to follow me publicly. why is that? lol

I added the NetworkedBlogs app because it will allow facebook users to follow me as well as the googlers/ openid folks.

I’ve recently gotten a number of emails as related to Past entries. but i find it funny that I only have ONE FOLLOWER and he didn’t really have to follow publically because i already knew he was a reader of my blog. Lol .. with that said. If The net is a public Database. Why Secretly follow a blog? LOL

I know I'm not the greatest blogger in the world. but sometimes I wan’t to know who’s reading.  so if you’re  willing to show your face. Check the sidebar. LOL

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