Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Memorial was great

and oh so familiar!. I felt right at home around a community of bandheads from The 50’s till now. Celebrating the Life and Times of New Orleans’ Most Honorable Band Director in History.  His story was told through Many who knew him both personally and professionally.  Hampton was Glowing in that White Suit.. He Deserved a service like this. and even more.. I expected WAY MORE people to be there.  

I loved the it all especially the Special Performances by the Alumni, There was an alumnus who had sang an original song I LOVED It! it should be given to the band to play.

So Much I could say about the night but I’ll leave it at That.

I expected to be home early,  instead  I got a chance to meet some folks I have talked to but have never met as well as New People. We talked about hamps death as Past times and The status of our bands today. Now is the time to Fix that.  My Former high school Directors were there as well as some other N.O. Legends.  I told folks man, I am glad I’m part of the N.O. Band Community.  We are like none other.. and folks don’t see it how we do.

The Marching 100 Honored Mr. Hampton in a Great way.  as well as the Alumni as they sang that Alma Mater.

I Could Forever Respect that.

I have more to say. But I have things to do all day.. I hope i don’t sleep through it though.. Later

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