Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Some People say things at the wrong time

So I'm Reading the comments on The Hamp Article, and low and behold Anus to broadcast their Ignorance by saying This...

John F Kennedy had the the best band in the South.St.Aug's was good,but JFK's was better.If was'nt for katrina, it would have remained that way!

See What I MEAN??? ... It's Not the Time for that. ..

I'm a JFK Band Alumni Myself and I despise of this comment? Why? It was said out of pure ignorance and lack of respect to the Legend himself. Maybe if this kat knew the history of New Orleans High school bands, he would know that hadn't it been for St. Aug. JFK's band probably wouldn't have been a top competitor.

I honestly think the writer didn't attend Kennedy. because that statement was Stupid and had he been to Kennedy when I was there He'd know not to say that kind of stuff.

Give respect to where it is due. it's no time for bickering on who's the best. it's time to Respect the Legend that Is Edwin Hampton.
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