Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Knew Something Wasn't Right!

You know, I had an eerie feeling the other day and I Knew it would affect me some how. I believe that it was the loss of Edwin Hampton. How Does this loss affect me?

Well, as i said in the previous entry, Mr. Hampton is the Originator of the New Orleans Marching Bands Standard. His Band Accomplished Many things under his direction that opened the doors for Other Great Band Directors and Bands not only in New Orleans. But Across America. Although I didn't play under his direction. With me being a Bandsmen during the last decade of his time period as a Director of Bands . I am Honored to be part of the New Orleans band community.

It's like, The Mr. Hampton Era in Music Education lasted over 50 years. His Legacy Is Preceded by Generations of Musicians.

We Have Lost a Father of our Craft.

It's just Wild Though... Much Respect to The Marching 100
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