Wednesday, July 29, 2009

That One Trip To Walmart

Sunday was Crazy to me, I got up because my Brother was asking about some Notebook PC .. So my dad was like.. Lets go Gett’em One! so what we did, we searched the Wal-mart and best buy papers for the Best ones for a cheaper price. We found one for a little over $200 with basic features.. . the Simple things, Right…   Well. we didn't see that one. Nor the $500+ with similar features.. There was one @ Wal-Mart slightly better than the one we found on sale.  So we Got Two of them for my brothers.. along with Carry cases. 

I was like Wow this man is really buying this ..LOL .. while he was at it I had him pay for a $100 XBox 360 Hard Drive.  but I paid for the Games myself. Yep Smackdown Vs Raw 09 and Legends of WrestleMania. Had to get them!

The crazy part is that $1500 Dollars was spent at Wal-mart.. that's the most I've ever seen my dad spend at One time.  LOL it was Amazing to me…

Oh, to make a long story short.. the Day Michael Jackson died.. my dad Won big on a Scratch-Off Card) .. I wont say how much but hey.. its doing him Well.. 

Seems like everyone got their fair share of Goods except for me.. .. what do i want? and what should I Get? Iono! A Camera? . a Tuba? lol iono.. I’m still thinking about it…

The Funny thing is .. I REALLY think its weird to see him spend that money  LOL.. 

I’m glad today he went to get his teeth fixed!..They pulled ALL  (the rest) OF THEM from the top

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