Saturday, July 04, 2009

When She’s in need I’m Here to listen

You know what, I find it funny how I was thinking of My Hunnie (lol) and she hit me up about another situation moments after. I feel that it’s necessary to hear her out though because I see what she’s going through and I know it hurts. but it’s what she has to deal with as long as she’s in that relationship.

What happened this time was a repeat of something that happened long ago twice before. but this time due to the circumstances, she’s fed up and feels that she needs to end that relationship. I’m not trying to influence a break up, I’m just here to listen to her. to help her get that off her chest.

This time it was pictures of naked women in his phone. She went through his phone and spot it the photos along with crazy messages from these girls, now wondering if she should confront him about it. I told her Not NOW, but to wait til “Mad Day” Comes to throw it @ Him. because he has to confess to it.  She said that its happened 2 times in the past. but Now dude to everything their going through. she may have to let him go.  I told her that She should do what makes her happy. Which at the same time it won’t make her happy to be Alone. I pretty much know that situation off Back.

Like i said though, I’m not the one to encourage a break up. but If he’s not doing what he’s supposed to do and He’s claiming he’s not happy.. And you found naked pictures of women in his phone… you got to let him loose to allow him to feel how you’re feeling. Then Maybe he’ll realize that you were His all and that it was his fault he’s in that situation. It’s not much he could Lie about.

Honestly y’all, I hate to see her go though this. But it’s life. After 4 years I wouldn't want to break up either. but maybe she needs that time to Be HER.

Here’s the some of Convo we had Via GTalk basically (edited for your viewing of course)


HER: I feel kinds bad cause I went through his phone, but I'm also pissed at what I found... I haven't told him that I seen it

Book:where they sent to him?

HER: Yeah...I think. I know his friend uses his phone, so I don't know if it belongs to him or the other dude

 Book: i mean i know dudes who forward random Pictures of females just for to show and tell …which AINT GOOD.

HER:: That's why I feel like I shouldn't say nothing. Cause if I do he might say its the others dude, But no she sent it...they were messaging each other back and fourth

Book:: yeh. maybe so. but then its not a reason to keep them in the phone. i don't think you should say much unless you find him Texting and its that person i guess… because other than that. i don't think he requested the pics ya know

…….If I were you, I'd sure bring it up when "mad day" comes though ..LOL

i dont think its that big of a deal though….  Don’t let it worry you

HER:: It jus pissed me off when I seen it, this ain't the first time u Know...I've seen other stuff before and didn't say nothing

it was sent to his phone the 1st time and he tried to lie and say it was me (I caught him in his lie.), email the 2nd time I didn't say nothin... phone the 3rd time and I still ain't said nothin...

I'm confused...I'm trying to keep mess down. But its pissin me of by holding it inside and its f***ed up I looked through his phone but still...

Book: all i can say to that is. throw it in his face when he comes at you wrong that's all.. it may cause a bigger argument but it may be the only way u gon get it out of him. he cant really lie about where or when the stuff came cause its all in the phone…

15 minutes later

HER: I don't even care anymore its to the point of where I don't want to be with him anymore...I'm tired of going through the same stuff with him. Its like he'll never change...and I can't deal with it.

If I left him he probably wouldn't even care. His uncles even say the same thing. Oh they don't sweat over no girls if they leave him, he'll just find another one. His attitude is like oh well...

Book: i think he'd realize that he needs you .. but i ain’t here to tell you to do that ya know….i wouldn't want y’all to. but its all in your best interest…

HER:: Yeah I know...

Book: my thing i this ..I know you ain’t stupid… if you feel its gotten to that point… do what you have to do and let him loose . even if its short term

HER:: Yeah I think I need to let him find himself...I dono I'm confused.

Book: i feel ya

End Of Convo

See what I Mean.. That’s basically Why I listen… sometimes want to tell her that she should write about it (like create a blog and just write her thoughts. whether Public or Private ya know. But just mainly to get things off her chest.. 

She Recently Changed her Gtalk Status from “Living in a Matrix” to “LIVING A LIE” then she went to busy mode..

Here Current Facebook Status says…

  Sometimes I wish I was alone and that no one would hurt me, think of me, or even see me. I hate my life and "All" things that surround it.

And I Honestly Feel her on that, Especially knowing her personal struggles, I don’t feel sorry for her, she’s doing well in school… it’s just that when it comes to personal situations I could understand sometimes where she’s coming from. therefore I am here to comfort her & help cope with things. but not to be her decision maker.

I try to be as honest as I can with her without taking sides. I’m cool with both her and her dude and i seriously want to see them together. But at the same time. With him, she’s may be missing out on other things that may affect her life in a positive way. what she wants is Progress and he’s become  somewhat of a burden to her. I guess too, because I know what she goes through In her life. I’d just rather see her happy and not going though this with that boy.

I’m Not a great advice giver. but I sure am a listener and the love I have for her is all in due respect I feel that it is my duty to be there when a friend is in Need. She gave the relationship her All. and he’s ruining that.  So maybe its time for her to be single again…At least for the moment.


Note From The Book

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