Thursday, July 09, 2009

Why this kat gotta be all Over protective

So I guess he tryin to Protect his woman huh?

Yeah I called my Ex just to say “Hi” and she didn’t Answer.  So Her Dude called me back from her Phone  and the convo went like this

#Call Start  (he’s Green/ Im Blue)

Who u want?..

Yeah, I’m calling for Bethany.. (I called HER CELL PHONE WHO ELSE WHAT I WANT)
for what, who is this? .. 
got all mad and said said wait, Who?”,

So I' Replied Eh Man, this aint nothin’ i’m just a friend of hers My name is Book..

  Oh a friend..aight, Hold On

and have her the phone (How Weak is that!?) .. she sounded all sad.. I just said What’s up B whats new? She said “Kinda Busy” .. I was like Imma hit u up later then We Hung Up

#Call End



Now.. I guess he was trying to be the Man and answer her phone to see if she was messing with somebody. But at the same time. That’s WEAK… Tryin to be all Hard and things for a girl.. He sounds like a wife beater. LOL..but it’s sad. it’s not like I want her back.. it’s something how he doesn’t know me. I’d expect him to already know who I am. for i know who he is already.  Honestly I don’t know him personally but I’d know him if i saw him. LOL To Me, I was like. That was a weak move, Trying to front and be hard for a female.. He don’t even know that chick like I have come to know her.

Honestly I wish her the Best. But Just because he Insecure about her talking to a dude.. I find that as a Weakness of his.. SMH

You know.. Last time she had a dude The dude answered the phone and was like “I’m her boyfriend  and hung up.. and HE GOT CHEATED ON..

Now End Result. I managed to stay cool with the chick.. but if her dudes feel that they gotta answer her phones or CALL BACK. .SMH..WEAK.. This doesn’t deserve a stamp of approval ..LOL

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