Sunday, July 19, 2009

With a Status like That, I had to let her know

So theirs this girl San Antonio, she went to TSU, I only met through facebook Never in person. she’s a cool chick… today I got a chance to chat through facebook. I think she’s a a Sexy Beast. LOL she’s cute and she has a kid.

For a few weeks  we were chatting in Honesty box LOL she had no clue it was me.. But because of this status message I had to hit her up and let her know it was me ..LOL! .. they were lyrics to a song….but yeeeaaah buddy..


So With That Said I had to let her know it was
and when I did.. she said that .after giving her hints , it wasn’t obvious but she had a feeling It was me.  she also said that she likes to entertain the honesty box rather than directly asking for who the person is…(that’s what others do) She thought i was OLDER too though ...  MAN I SHOULD HAVE ASKED FOR HER NUMBER!  I’ll wait. I can.. LOL..

here’s How The Honesty Box chat went.

Her Question was what was your first Impression of me?

ME: even though I've never met you in person, my first impression is that you're real cool. seems like you'd be fun to hang out with
other than that you're very attractive.

HER: Aw thnx. I think I'm pretty fun to hang with. How far away are you?

ME:  about 500+ miles away from you.

HER: 500+ as in what city... =)

ME:  could be Arkansas, Could be Louisiana.. lol

HER: depending on the time of year huh?

ME: nope I'm just telling you that I'm that far away

HER:  oh so its like that

ME: Yep

ME: OH!! I don't want to take away the fun of being secretive so i'll say this...
I'm not Justin ..LOL ..but to give myself away. he recently replied to one of  Your Pics i like LOL

HER: OMG you are hilarious lol
And which pic would that be? I want to make sure if it's one that I like too

ME: The One where You’re eating with two Spoons

End Of H-Box

So You Know I wanted to Keep Going, But as I said ..LOL After I read that Status I just had to say something.   I’d always talk to her and Had been sending her messages all the time. I guess this time the conversation was kinda special.

As for Who She Is.. I’ll Just Call her “Nurse” for now because I don’t wan’t to mention her name. But This is Her


Oddly Enough, She Dances as well. I hope I can make it to LDC. I’m gonna be where she is for a minute ..LOL! i Need to meet her In person.

Note From The Book

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