Friday, August 21, 2009

Funny how things happen

I honestly don’t understand why, but it seems like things are heading in the right direction. why? because Im starting to seek the females  born in 85, LOL.. it’s like. yeah my girl J was born in 87. she’s the one i wrote “what’s up with you” about…

But there’s this other girl, she’s Great, she’s also born a year after me, nearly Exactly.. ‘monda, The kat that left her had to be crazy. because she seems fairly much nice and well put together.  I’d make her my GF if she was closer to me ..LOL! she knows thats my buddy though..  I’m glad i asked for her number…. I just hope the friend zone doesn’t separate us

but it’s like man… the best part about it I’ve been able to capture the those in my  preferred age bracket. which was always a year older than I am and a year younger than I am. Anything under seemed just wrong for me.. LOL over time I changed that bracket by 3 years .. but now i see where I can benefit off of going back to my old bracket.   Why? because at the age I am. these girls have kind of “been their, done that” attitudes and only really wants somebody who is “Real” so to speak.. one who actually has a productive life. things that matter. rather than playing games.’s just funny how being attracted to more than one girl works out.. you find that more females become attracted to ya after that .... it’s wild man it is..

But I like

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