Friday, August 21, 2009

Getting ready to head to the Big H!


In about 30 Minutes I’ll be on the road with the family, going to Houston just because it’s Houston!I hope I get to see some folks, yet I know I’m not. LOL!

I’ve been setting up my Phone since I got it. I really like that sucka!. boy oh boy!  I gotta get back to my normal blogging habits, I hope I see Them Girls maaaan…
Oh Boy!,. it’s the 21’s Lol Katrina day is almost here!

Ahh Talk about Public Housing..

One of my former neighbors from the hood Keeps is back in the news, She keeps Fighting for all this unnecessary stuff. although they have a Point, theirs no reason to be Against the New St Bernard Development.. or should i say “Columbia Park” as it’s going to be called.

I passed uptown and I saw the work on the Magnolia and Calliope .. or should i say “C.J. Peete and B.W. Cooper..   LOL wow those names sound funny. I honestly believe that they should not only have the name but at least consider the original names as the Official titles of the place. just as everyone refers to those hoods as their original name. I’ll do the same with the St. Bernard. because That land was all i knew coming up in N.O.

Sometimes when I was Younger, I’d question the fact of Why was I born in to Poverty.. But over time it was like “Hey That’s Life” ya know.. Infact I really didn't understand that Til I was in Middle school .. I used to think Every black person lived like us ..LOL

… I can’t wait to see what's going to happen with these new units..

The Big Argument now is over the Residential Numbers, IMO it doesn’t need to be 1600 Units anymore.  I’m actually loving the new Landcape and the Forecast so to speak ..LOL!

Back To The Basics

it’s 11:10, We’re leaving in about 20 Minutes I’m out.. LOL i might blog from the road!..

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