Thursday, August 13, 2009

It Begins tomorrow

Okay, the first week of school  for the children has already passed. which means Starting tomorrow I’ll be once again watching my nephew on a daily basis, Not much of a problem.

I’ll have to finish cleaning like tomorrow man, My mom just finished cooking Ocra, we’ll have it for dinner tommorow. Speaking of Ocra, Ole Alicia Renee was talking about some Gumbo, Oh Yeah! Gumbo! she had Whole Chickens in there.

ECW Got Better this week, I’ll have to pay more attention!

I saw that Hulk Movie.. Well Most of it.. it’s sort of a continuation of the first one. although mostly different actors. It’s basically a along the same ComicBook style.
oh wow yeah.. They put the Music from The Show on it! I’m good with that! OH YEAH!

They even make reference to Bill Bigsby’s character as well as showing lou farigno being in at some point in the movie. this one’s cool!

Ahh There’s Something in the Ocean! RUN!!!!!!! lol

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