Monday, August 24, 2009

Okay, Looks like The Last Entries Won’t Cut it

I tried blogging from Text and it didn’t work how i assumed, Therefore I’ll be canceling THAT service.  That crap was equal to “Tweeting” LOL  therefore I Start this entry NOW.

How was my Houston Trip? it was okay.. we got back home over night. I should go back to sleep. I really didn’t do anything other than play the Nintendo Wii and do crazyness on my phone. I was looking for a new Memory card for my phone, Didn’t see it at all. Not even today. 

We brought the car to my brother, and it Failed on him. Something under the car Broke,  i forgot what it’s called but it’s where the transmission fluid flows. it caused the front wheels to stop working. so my dad decided to take the Tires off and look under the  car…  they managed to Repair the Issue but It Popped again. Before leaving a neighbor made a deal with my Dad to help my brother fix his car. But I think that will be halted at this time due to a murder that happened in his area.

My brothers neighbor being killed on the same night we left. Killed in his car which was Directly next to my brothers vehicle .. in font of His apartment…. and the odd part is that just the night before My Brother N Law slept in his car due to the noise in the house..  Something how That could have happen That night.. How weird.. My brother  Called my sister saying he  came home from work this morning only to find yellow Crime Scene Tape around his vehicle as well as the vehicle where his neigbors body was.

it’s Crazy man. Really is…

On to something else ..

9.9.09 a Tim Burton Film, looks Animated and full of action. I want to see it!. IN THEATRES! LOL

I had Fun playing Wii Sports, It’s a Workout, now I want a Wii.. It’s a great tool to work out with I can tell you that much…. All i need are the right games and peripherals to make things work.. then, I will be able to Work Out IN HOME like i want to!

While there I mainly Text’d & IM friends, I Really wanted to see if I could meet up with some of them.. but I didnt go anywhere.. mainly because of Wii Sports! lol.

I’m still learning how to use my blackberry so things will take a while..

I’ll Be Posting a little later


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