Tuesday, August 18, 2009

some things aren’t just

There are folks that I just cant associate myself with,  yet they always find their way to keep me nearby. I should have said no. but hey I met a new Contact all in all, therefore I’m good.

The sad part though is that. I see how a person could waste their life on drugs, hard drugs at that. Right in front of my face. I mean man. It’s like every time i go out, i find  that the person I am out with has Legal troubles of some kind.  and the others they just want to use me. 

I was with Turtle all day today, we went to pass by Behrman and well it’s kinda wild, I just wish he would leave the drugs alone.  That smell has my head hurting. I had to lay down because I know somehow it’s in my system just from being in his car.

Some I’m great with , I’m honestly glad I’m getting to know Ramonda, She’s good people. I sure wouldn’t mind being in her life.  I’ve been talking to her all day really.  I still have my friends Kandi and Qui although they aren't seeing Eye to Eye. 

I have Jermani, That's another one of my best friends…..  it’s the mutual respect that makes it all worth while.

Then theirs Ashley, Ashley doesn’t seem to see how great she is, Ashley is a great friend. she just seems doubt herself alot. which I doubt myself sometimes too. but I really don’t allow things to marinate in my mind. not saying that she does, but I am saying that she  questions her own wellbeing based off of things people say about her.  .. Like i said.. I feel that way sometimes, I just try not to let it Get to me. and This is why I write.

I’ve been talking more to Chelsea by phione (the Facebook gf) ..lol .. yeah That’s my buddy with her its all good!

But All in all, These are good people and they’re all totally different from each other… but I know I can get with them all on a Level that beyond total ignorance. and actually have a very productive conversation. and I love that about all of them

Earlier I was in a Tinychat room, These cats were Cracking Jokes about me the whole time, I didn’t say a word, they eventually banned me from it. I honestly think it is childish especially for a female to be telling them to Ban me from the room. based off what I was doing on he camera..  what was i doing?  Drinking Water.. I closed my Closet door. I left my room a few times and they were asking all kinds of stuff. So in the midst of my Answering. I get called Lame by some random chick that didn’t have a cam… at the same time. I’m like.. Go ahead  talk about me. I have no time to Front for females. I love being me. because I’m real. Only Fakes attract fake people.They Don't Understand what's real because they aren't real with themselves.

All in all, I try to associate myself with positive people.  because honestly other than those women i talk to,  I always find myself getting involved with folks who don’t rally have much of a life and IMO are like Zombies because of what they do.

ah well!

Glad My Blackberry comes in today!.. Then I’ll be able to do things right on the mobile front ya know.


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