Monday, August 10, 2009

They Say My Quote is Interesting

On facebook about 30 minutes ago, I typed this

“It’s hard to be real In a World so fake”


I wrote that because It has somewhat of  a double meaning in my book..

I find it pretty messed up that people are jealous of me. That’s Fake, and then It was told in an honesty box. That’s a sign of a hater. I don’t even do anything to make people jealous of my.  It’s not like I Know Alot of people, It’s just that They know me because of what I do. I can’t help that.

We’re Online, It’s a False Reality. Everybody has a false persona. everybody either does something in real life. or they pretend to be who they’re not while online.  I’m one of those people who am very true to myself. I refuse to be called a fake. Yet their are MANY people who think I’m not Good Enough.

Why?, I don’t know man… Some People are Fake..


Note From The Book

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