Thursday, September 17, 2009

A comment I saw on an article I can agree with


There was a Comment on the an Article about Gov. Jindal  Issuing an Order to stop The Funding of ACORN  .. Here it is below


When evidence is presented indicating wrongdoing then the appropriate action should be taken - this is apparent in the case of ACORN. What was once an organization based on a good purpose was overcome by wrongdoing and greed. All similar non-profits that benefit from the grants of city, state, or national governments must be examined also. The citizens who pay the taxes demand it.

I Can Agree, I feel that the Organization should be Disbanded and Then Re Established with a whole new Staff & Head People in Charge.   Its the same way I feel about The Local Government and Public School system here in N.O.

Sounds like They’ve been Making Excuses for Everything…

That’s all I really have to say to that.

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