Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Randomness

Yesterday I wanted to make an entry about something, I forgot what one of them was..
So here goes the randomness.
I Downloaded Opera Browser on my Blackberry which helped fix he way it's Normal Browser functions.  With that though, I had to delete a few apps, The Blackberry doesn't come with much space on them I thought about getting Yahoo’s OneSearch, but I already have Google’s App, therefore No Need for Yahoo.
I decided to go with Opera’s Mobile Browser after being Introduced to it via Nintendo Wii, it’s very nice.  I wont be getting it for my PC though. I’m so used to Mozilla Firefox you know.

...On To More Randomness

I Found Myself on Youtube Watching Loads of WWE Owned clips from The Past. Clips such as Razor Ramon’s  debut promo’s in the old WWF, His TNA Debut and WCW Debut as an “Outsider”. Those videos were great. Some I saw while Live on tv, Others I haven't.  Funny thing is that It showed me how Real certain situations were in WCW and how when unplanned events  happened  WCW’s Commentators knew NOTHING about what went on..LOL

I also Watched Old Doink Footage.. lol Clever Guy!..

Right Now There’s an Ad about Septic Tank cleaners on TV
Ahh Man There was a Video of The Oddities (Kurrgan & Golga) With Jackyl,  Vs Kaientai Taka & Funaki
After Stumbling upon a Video of Rodman & Hogan vs Malone & DDP from the old WCW Days..It reminded me of some Things about Black folks Wrestling / Imitating Wrestler in the past .. With that said… Here’s what I’m referring to.

I Noticed how Black Wrestlers or people Imitating Wrestlers such as i have in @ Some points in life LOL... ..seem to Clap their haands before Executing certain impact maneuvers.  Those moves usually Consisted of The Flying Elbow (From The Top Rop ) .. The Elbow Drop. An Elbow Smash (while Running) , A Chop Block,  or Punches & Fist Drops,.. Sometimes they Clap Before a Counter Move as well.   I guess its to get folks attention, a signal for “It’s about to happen”..Or maybe just a Clap of Excitement.. I’ve been seriously paying attention to Wrestling since Late 95, I remember many episodes up until 1999 When I got to High school, I had Little/No Time to watch as i had in middle school)
Ahhh man, It was something I wanted to Blog about…

Yeehh.. I’ve been talking to The Facebook Fiancé Chelsea More Often, That's part of the reason I’ve been Having Blogs at odd times.
Other than that. I’m not sleeping at the right times.. I blogged about that earlier this week though.
I Think I need to head to an HBCU game This weekend. This fool Tremaine keeps asking me to Tape a Middle school game, Or Even to Tape High school games .. because HE WANTS THE TAPE!! smh.. but I haven’t been out yet.

My Nephew Won his first football game, He Plays for Lakeview Vikings  (little league park team) and he plays Right Guard / Left Tackle.. Note, I’m not aball sports person so I know Little about Football.. I know what they do. but i’m not keen in everything about it..  But I’m happy he plays.
 Earlier The Thing I write In Blue (In an entry yesterday) was actually about my buddy J. I haven't really talked to her by phone since the season began. I know she’s busy dancing. I have yet to attend a game. I need to see her before the year is out.

On The Book Front… I Keep getting Good News as it relates to Ethan Brown’s “Shake the Devil Off” .. Oddly Enough I Keep running across the stories of Zack & Addie.. It’s a shame, I still haven't officially Started on the Book, made an unofficial promise to Ethan that I’d read it. being that my name is in it.
Ahh, The Fall is Interesting!!.. I Seriously need to head to the TNSU game though, I haven't Captured footage all year, forget the HD stuff I just want to get pics of the Dancers..LOL!

Yeah I love dancers! I hope to meet Meagan's Mom this year. she’s cool people she reads my blog..LOL! .. funny I haven’t even met Meagan in person though, i just Seen her performing Live a few times.. Ahh!! Now thats a thread I should start @ The Forum!

Oh I Love Facebooks New Updates, People are not catching on to its Twitterlike Features lol The fact that you can tag someone in a wall post is “innovative” now adays  I also Like the  “Similar post” thing.. it works depending on the word you're using.

I guess I’ll End This here. .. Oh Nah! Before I go, I have to Laugh at Some things I Saw!… Chari Sent me a link on Facebook of her UltraSound.. yep. Big Headed Twins!   But That’s not the funny part. ….She Linked me to This Stuff Related to Kanye West’s Ego Trip  and Lil Mama’s Party Crash Via Facebook.. That was Too Funny… The Cut out of Kanye saying “Yo God, I  Know You Created The World & All, But SEGA Created The Best Genesis Ever!” …LOL!!

That Had to be the Craziest Junk in the UNIVERSE!.. ahh and with The Obama Situation Taken out of Proportion, Made the situation even funnier….

Shame its 6am and I’m getting 100 Emails! (well Not Really but my phone is chirping all up the wall!)

Note From The Book
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