Wednesday, September 23, 2009

HEY YOU GUYS! The Electric Company is Back!

Wow man, so i was flicking through the Local stations and “The Electric Company” showed up on the menu.  I flicked back and there it was.. a New Electric Company.. I Expected the version that existed before Sesame Street in the 70’s.  But I got some what of a shock to see that it was totally new. I Think it Returned sometime in 2008 though.. but hey If I’m late I still think it’s great!

I don't know how the format for this show is now, but i see that it’s not only an All-Black show. which is a good thing. It seems like it’s full of All New Skits and Cartoons.  I believe the old one had a Sesame Street like feel, This one doesn’t seem to have that. 

I sure hope the show Lasts. Here’s a video from the New Show..

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