Thursday, September 24, 2009

Unknown Malware?


What is VirTool:Win32/Killwifip.A Exactly?

Over Night, I did a Virus Scan with the Online Version of Microsoft’s OneCare Live on my Room PC. .. yeah It took overnight, My Room PC is the oldest in the house and hasn’t been the same since my brother made it fall.. (when it was in his room).

Well Yeah.. So I Scanned It and all that was found was VirTool:Win32/Killwifip.A.


it was removed when Found, I’m Guessing it came in a Theme Package i downloaded,.. all that means is that I have to Scan my External Hard drive as well. Now I’m on my way to Completing the Process to finish off everything else that was scanned.

But I still want to know What VirTool:Win32/Killwifip.A is Exactly? Why? Because There is Nothing about it online. I saw one page with No Description.. Sux!

I’ll Just take an Educated guess and say that The only reason it’s a severe threat is because it has no known causes.  

with that said, The only thing i could guess is that It could be a memory eater, because that’s my main problem with the Room PC.

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