Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Man Behind The Book

yeah That’s what Ethan said.. lol

Ah, so I went to the “Shake The Devil Off” reading  @ Octavia Books and I met a few of my Fellow Bloggers! Should have gotten pictures of them!  Glad to meet them. They’re on my Blog rolls.. just not on the Roll of blogs on here. LOL!  If you were to click on my profile, you’d probably see that  I’m following about 100 blogs ..LOL!

I am proud to know that I had something to do with this book… even though the it’s kind of crazy to be mentioned in a book is about a murder case.. DSCF5065

I don't think that it's weird that I part of the forum session, but it's like AHHH!  I’m not really a Spotlight kind of of person. Honestly I’ve said it many times before.  I’m Talkative, but I'd rather not speak if i don’t have too because I don’t like how I sound when I talk… Seriously. I’d Rather SMILE and Nod ..LOL! yeah I try to keep a positive attitude about things.

Here are a few Photos from the Reading/Signing.

Feel free to use any…

 DSCF5068 DSCF5072  



Boy do I Need a Haircut, (i should have taken a few more pictures but my ride was waiting ..LOL I Appreciate it!

I’ll be posting these and More  at the Octavia Books Facebook Page.


Note From The Book

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