Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I’ll see you at Octavia Books for the Reading!

image I’m about to head out in an hour to catch the good ole RTA on my way Uptown to The Reading of ‘Shake The Devil Off : A TRUE STORY Of The Murder That Rocked New Orleans” With Ethan Brown.

It’s In today’s newspaper (and at of course)

And It will be Live on CSpan

But I Think it’s Great man.  I’ll be going to get my Book! Thanks Ethan for The Credit and things! I Will be in The HOUSE!

lol I just hope I can honestly get back home  afterwards. That Tchoupitoulas Bus Better still be running close to 8.


In Other News, I Lost 1 Pound Playing the Wii! lol yeah, I played Wii Fit, That game is fun, when I get back from The Book store I’ll be back at it!.

That Thing is cool.

LOL The Book is going to a Book Store funny!



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