Thursday, September 03, 2009

Mii according to Wii

I’ve been on this Wii Fit for Two days now, since then My Balance has improved and my weight changed slightly. I love it!. the only thing about it is that they ask you to do things impossible  to do at my weight. I weighed in Originally at 299, I went down to 297 so far. I realize that over night I gained 1pound back and a few liters back.

With this game showing me some things to improve myself, I’ll be  playing this more often.  My goal is to have new high scores every day… as in First Place.
Wii Fit is Serious Training, It’s not a Game.. If you short cut, you’ll be cheating yourself.  I think that the only Con about this program is that it seems to only recommend things common amongst the Japanese. 

It’s cool, but It’s a workout. I played this “Ball in the hole” balance game and finally got a Decent Score. Here are some screen shots!


That’s good enough for me.. at least for now. Because later on today I’m gonna tackle the more difficult level. I love it!. Improving your Posture is a great thing.  The balance games are my favorite. The Super Stress Relief Training. Had this thing been around when I was in High School, I’d be SLIM now … LOL


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