Thursday, September 03, 2009

Wow! Lee Zurik is leaving WWLTV.


This man is like the next Bill Capo when it comes to investigative reporting! He’s always trying to get the facts by asking the hardcore questions most people want to know but have no heart to ask.  He’s not a “Gotcha" reporter, but the way he precedes at doing his job is like he’s almost the Judge and his audience is the jury.

I’d be nervous having Lee Zurich ask me anything on camera, or Even off camera for that matter. because even if you are telling the truth it’s a possibility that your body language, actions or tone of voice will state otherwise. You'd have 100,000 people accusing you of being guilty… LOL

I’ve seen reports where he’d be standing outside of someone's Living Quarters awaiting their presence to get answers. Those folks come home and are like Ah! Lee Zurik is here, RUN!!  LOL …  it took Jack McGee many years to find out The Identity of The Incredible Hulk, by then The Hulk had fell to his demise (or freedom) before turning back to Dr. David Banner in front of McGee’s eyes. It doesn’t take Lee Zurik that long to get the facts. LOL!  (yeah I had to get fictional on y’all!)

No but really, His work is very much appreciated.


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