Wednesday, September 16, 2009

President of the Universe

Today (yesterday)  I found myself watching WDSU’s News, The Subject with the Mayoral Prospects.. Then I though about how folks who run for mayor here but do not actually live, nor have a desire to live in this city.   The Closest they Do live to the actual city of New Orleans would be Somewhere  Outside of the Parish. 

I was Going to Draw up some Spoof Campaign Posters  which will say “Vote The Book for Mayor of New Orleans”  Just to mess with some some friends on Facebook.
At that point I was like, How about Instead of mayor of N.O, How about I Run for  President of some random Fictional Village, or Even The World .. Here’s What I Came Up With..



“President of the Universe” ..LOL

I’ll Probably be making more Random Campaign Ads soon

Now All I'm Looking for is an illogical Campaign Slogan

You’ll See More Randomness Like this In the near Future.

Note From The Book

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