Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Looks Like The old CDC’s had an Update

I’m glad that I did run Across SUCDC’s website, This was my old workplace in Houston.  I Saw that it’s changed, Yet one thing remained the same. The Blog.

After seeing that The site was updated I sent a letter to CEO & Project Director Efrem Jernigan letting him know. that I I can No longer access that blog, and I suggested he remove it completely and make the switch to Facebook.

There are Many Reason I asked him to make the switch, The main reason is that we live in a world where Social networking via the web is the most effective way to draw in support for what you do. I Basically Explained to him how face book pages work and why in today's time it would be more effective than a regular Blog I also ask that if he decides on going with facebook, to Run the page himself. That way It he wouldn't have to always use a mainling list to send public messages.

It’s fairly easy to Market / Promote oneself or an organization Via Facebook. I’d love for SUCDC to Grow while Technology’s resources to Strengthen common ground in and reach out to members of their neighborhood and beyond.

Since I’ve Left, Their was a Downfall and an upbringing of SUCDC,  But I have faith that the programs they provide will be around for a long time to serve that community.

Wow man, That website is 100x Better than what I did.. Here’s a Screenshot.



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