Sunday, September 20, 2009

What A Coincidence, Another Hazing Case


Yesterday, Before I left to attend a High School football game, I got an email saying  “20 JSU bandsmen Suspended for Hazing”,.. (that’s not the article i read though)  .. its something how this comes about after I made an entry Regarding the case at Southern.

It Doesn’t surprise me because their was an Issue with them back in 07, and also because Hazing Happens Everywhere…. But it’s said, This was supposed to be a Refreshing year for The Boom, New Chief of Staff, New Announcer, Huge band…yeah the band is Swole!.. well Now Minus 20…  but I’s pretty messed up that the New Head Director has to go through this with his band.

Honestly, Nothing positive comes out of hazing, it happens everywhere

I typed this in on Facebook and I got 27 Responses..

here are two different comments rolled in to a nutshell

Crabs these days are Weak as Hell, You can’t Tell them what to do.. It Ain’t Just Beating now days, when you tell them to do pushups and they’d swear you’re Hazing. them.

Partly True but, According to Hazing laws. Anything Forced on someone who’s unwilling to permit is hazing.  at the same time, their is a level of Military-like procedure which is part of being a bandsmen.  There are things you do have to go through to Make The Band. But being Severely Beaten or Mentally Abused are not one of them. 

There is no Proof that Hazing makes a person better, it mainly makes you Insane!..

I hope JSU’s Boom Works this out and the band continues to do their job as the investigation continues.

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