Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Hate when they Tie Everything to New Orleans

I Just read an article about Hazing, In the Article It Mention the situation which happened in Between October & November of 2008 with Hazing Rituals at Southern University.  That’s not a My Issue because it happened and it’s over and done with.

My Problem is that They Tied this situation Directly to New Orleans. If they would have released the correct info I would have been Okay with the Article. 

In he Article it says This…

In November 2008, members of New Orleans’ Southern University marching band gathered at the off-campus home of one of their bandmates, where three were blindfolded, doused with water and beaten with a board.

Source Here


I don't understand how Professors at all these prestigious Universities, research things only to release False Info. and Why is it that All Violent Acts in Louisiana Have to Be Tied to New Orleans.

If They would have gotten the Info Correctly they would have known that None of the Boys were From New Orleans, The Situation Happened Outside of Baton Rouge Louisiana, Southern University’s Main Campus and Marching Band it Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. That Situation had Nothing to do with New Orleans other than the Bayou Classic Event which those Accused/ Charged took part in.

But I get Pretty Aggravated by folks that Tie everything to New Orleans, That Situation was bad.  The Least you could have did was Find out the location of the actual Incident. 

I Wrote A comment saying, What about PIKE? that was in New Orleans in 2006, but They let them guys Slide… Yet they Have to Mention The Black Colleges… I’m just saying..

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