Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Bandhead Exclusive | Spirit

Earlier today (Oct. 28th) while Viewing an Old Clip of My High school band playing "Spirit" I ran across This a Comment which Disturbed me..


and I've seen other comments like this on Many Occasions, basically saying “Knigten Made it up” …But They’re Wrong.. Maybe Cornell Knighten wrote Wrote SU’s arrangement, but he didn’t Compose. the song.  Infact in SU’s 1996 Bayou Classic Halftime Show They Tell you the Composers name prior to playing the tune... So why are people still asking this? .. Maybe because they Dont Know who He Is… As i replied on Youtube.. My High School played the song and his name was at the top of the page of the Sheet Music. Other than that, Up until now I honestly haven’t heard the real song..

With That Said..

For those of you who don't know,  You HAVE to do your research..  The Song "Spirit"  or "Cyber Spirit" according to the Human Jukebox Band announcer, was Composed by Tom Hedden.  You may have heard many of  hedden's compositions on your favorite Sports Intro Videos. 

"Spirit" was part of The same Genre of music, And Is part of a 3 part Composition called  “The Hero’s Suite”  Therefore anyone Looking for this song Will Fail trying to find it. I’ve managed to come across the 3 part tune, and cutting out the part where Spirit Begins.

The Song is Amazing.

Here's Spirit

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