Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Moment in Facebook

Just a  Rundown facebook activity .. or shall i say the facebook activity on my page.. Along with some other stuff..

Random Status Update
Zion Archive Computer: In the beginning, there was man. And for a time, it was good. But humanity's so-called civil societies soon fell victim to vanity and corruption. Then man made the machine in his own likeness. Thus did man become the architect of his own demise.



Playing WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2009

The Names are kind of WAY out there…

I Reuploaded Band Pictures from 2006


I Reacquainted with Old Friends, and Others


Ericka, My Neighbor we went to Elementary school together..
Erica A.,  yeah another one
Errol, also from the same hood, knew him since Pre-K, he now lives in Monroe.
Rachel, from TAV class @ the K..
Bush, from the old neighborhood
Ireion, from Jr. High school  & neighborhood
Brice, Same as thing.. he was also in band
Byanca, Jr high school & neighborhood
there was also Efrem, Mary, & Pam..My former supervisors.

I also just realized I was friends with Dominique and Reginald  as well.. LOL!

Status Update based up on Observation
10/26/09 The Sheep.. they're all awaiting to be "VACCINATED". looks like a scene straight out of X-Men.. .. NWO!!!

I swear I ain’t taking it…

Status Update

I Made a nice Public Service Announcement Regarding  Being Disgusted by people adding “Minaj” to their names. like that Rapping girl..

I Uploaded a Video: Sing vs The Prisoner 1993

This was at Starcade 93, The Prisoner was also Nailz from the old WWF

Quisha Tagged Me This to me

Drew On My Graffiti Wall

Random Other Status Updates listed

  • we dont have no fruit here, ya pastey rice cake!

  • pull your Tuning slide out *Pop*

  • Brock Lesnar has H1N1.. oh No

  • smh.. how could you be Light skinned with Dark Lips? .. Stop smoking and let your lips

  • Every time Cornel West opens his mouth, it's an EVENT. Someone needs to follow Cornel West around with a mic like Dean Benedetti followed around Charlie Parker so that every breath may be captured for posterity. Does anyone feel me? (taken from Youtube)

  • We have the power to “CHOOSE” what we will experience because when we are informed we can act on this knowledge.

  • In the midst of uncertainty and chaos, we can choose to resist and go into denial or we can choose to accept and allow' If we choose the path of least resistance we will heed the warnings and take action to prepare for the possible, now obvious, “storms” coming. We can flow through this transition with ease when we have taken the steps to prepare and then walk in faith knowing.

Popular Story

Tyler Perry Responds to Spike Lee Comment..

Spike’s always startin’ somethin huh..

And lastly.. Man. Walmart and Costco Sell Caskets online.. Wow.. yall gotta look that up!..

LOL.. there was more but I’m tired of writing right now..


Note From The Book

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