Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Dog, The Dog.. Bit him

The dog bit My nephew near the eye. the cut isn’t big, I was holding the dog when it happened, the dog snapped at him when he slapped the dog… Partially My fault because I shouldn’t have picked the dog up.

My nephew likes to mess with the dogs… we would always stop him from taunting or hitting them all the time.. but this time I grabbed the dog instead of my Nephew  because the dog started to growl a lot. As I held the dog, My nephew came to taunt the dog, the dog snapped at him..


_Media Card_BlackBerry_pictures_IMG00189 He I called his mom, she called my mom, my bro-n-law came to get him.  I explained to this what happen, the bro n law is trippin’ due to the stress he’s dealing with. and now this  .. I wiped the blood… I tried to put some ice on in but he kept moving his face (in a playful manner) . He really didn’t cry other than directly after the initial bite. but other than that he was still trying to mess with the dog so I put the dog in my brothers room and continued to allow him to watch Youtube videos  as i was doing prior to this happening.

Yeah I feel bad about it… but man..

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