Friday, October 16, 2009

Done with AVG, installs Microsoft Security Essentials, I’m calling it quits with AVG,. I’ve been using AVG since 5.0 and it’s done me well on many occasions, I’ve recommended it many times. It has its hits and misses but It’s a good Free Product. The Paid Version of the application is probably much better. But Today, I’m calling It Quits… Did i Stop using it?… as I said Before.,Hits and Misses on Some of the Adware. Most Recently I Installed IObit Advanced System Care along with Security 360….. and Just like any other all-in-one Security & Maintenance  product it does a bit of everything.  you know, Registry defragging, Spyware Removal, PC Optimization, Some Firewall Protection, Process Scanners.. The Works!…

The problem is that The Spyware & Virus scanners only run Manually and are Ad Supported, which means There is no “Live Protection” …The good thing is that they do bit more than what AVG does when scanning..  Their Privacy Sweeper is a Knock of of CCleaner but it works perfectly with the 360 Product as a Problem solver.   Cool Products but as I said, They want you to Buy the Real-Time Protection.


If I Got Rid of  IObit 360 now It wouldn’t Matter because I now have the Microsoft Security Essentials Program which recently came out of Beta and has Real-Time Protection. What sucks is that Because of The MsMpEng.exe It Will Probably Eat up Virtual Memory. With That Said. after about a 2 hour scan, I Stopped The MsMpEng process from Task manager and I had to Restart the scan because it Turned of The Product (duh) What a Waste of a scan.

I currently have it scanning now.  That Processor is used for OneCare Live as well as Windows Defender, I had it disabled prior to installing Microsoft Security Essentials because took up so much memory usage while running. But at the end of the day I have a product specifically built for my PC. (By the way, I’m currently on a Windows XP Desktop). 


With That Said. after about a 2 hour scan, I Stopped it’s Processor from Task manager and I had to Restart the program. What a Waste of a scan.. I currently have it scanning now.

Prior to this  I had the Trial of Microsoft Live OneCare. this current program although totally separate is supposed to be its successor. I believe that Microsoft will still sell its OneCare. That Product does WONDERS!. even with AVG on my pc, Doing a Free Scan at The Live Site  Found some security holes that blew my mind.. therefore Another good reason I just Traded AVG for a Microsoft Product.

I’ll Continue to use Microsoft Security Essentials as long as it does me well.  …from what i see, It’s doing what it’s supposed to do.


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