Friday, October 16, 2009

Food for Thought, Literally…

Here’s a Pic of Wednesdays Dinner.. Yeah it’s one of the few reasons i didn’t blog that day.

I Posted it on Facebook and I got Comments like this..

FeFe: heart attack on a plate lol
Winfred: Give me your address so I can send the Cardiologist to your house with a defibrillator! Are those eggs on the right hand side?

LOL!!! Yeah… Talk about Grits, Spicy (not hot) Sausage, Sunny Side up Eggs and Bacon… That’s TOO MUCH!! but yeah it was Dinner rather than

This Brings Me back to the 6th when i had Mashed potatoes, Meat loaf  and String Beans….

The Day Before that I had Macaroni & Cheese, Sausage and String Beans..

You might say that’s alot. but it’s better than Nachos and Hot dogs…

I Also had Gumbo on the 8th, 9th… 10th and 11th..LOL yeah it was a HUGE pot, it’s not that many people living in this house…


as for today.. Nothing.. lol All this talk about food… I need to be sleepin’ For real..

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