Saturday, October 17, 2009

I Think I just Found a Direct Link to my Past

So I’ve Been watching a Documentary for the past hour about New Orleans Religious Traditions, I don’t know how it started but they basically talked of The Connections Shared throughout  different races here in the city.

At first they were showing Things Catholics did.. which eventually went on to How The Catholics may have adapted Traditions Originally of the Native Americans.  At this point A man named Peter M. Cousin Sr. came on and he talked That particular thing. He spoke of his grandfather Osai (that may not be the spelling) Being Buried in a grave where Creole & Choctaw natives were buried.

At this point I called my sister because this man Looked like My People!.. he looks like my Grandfather. The thing about that is, from what I know is that my grandfather didn’t grow up in the Cousin household, He lived with the Camp family. and  Other than that, I don’t Know much about my dads racial lines because He has “Colored” on his birth certificate AND they dont talk about that Alot. therefore He and my fam grew up assuming they were totally Black.. My Grandma isn’t even Black.. LOL but hey It’s LIFE… All their Lives though They were called “Red Negros” .. I know my grandmother has Irish in her somewhere but Thats that. It doesnt make up the fact that I have that Choctaw in Me..

Long a Go I was told that We have Seminole in our blood, It may be Partly True but now I see where Choctaw Stands, This man Looked Just Like My Uncle Magoo, So I KNOW he’s a Direct link of Ancestry…

I Searched Google and i came Across This Link to a profile page of Peter M Cousin jr. on Northwestern State University’s website ..This speaks of P.M. Cousin Sr. Too.  I may have to Print this out! I may have to show that to my Dad. I haven’t met many of the folks on that side of my family…

but wow man. I have to Investigate!

Here’s something from the site. This was the first Paragraph and it says ALOT!.. M. Cousin, Sr. was born in 1927 in Lacombe where he still lives today. He lists his ancestry as Creole, Cajun, and Choctaw. He says that he is a descendant of Francois Cousin, one of the early European settlers of Lacombe in the 1830s. He speaks some French and Spanish, in addition to English. For many years, he was a builder in New Orleans, but he is now retired from the construction business and works for St. Tammany Parish's Assessor's Office.

This is Amazing To me..
Oh and by the way.. its COUSIN. Like a Relative ..LOL!.. wow man I need to get back to some folks!

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