Saturday, November 21, 2009

Don’t Judge Us Because We Love Our City

Aight, I’m at this Page on which talks about the the Army Corps of Engineers being held Responsible for the Levee Malfunction which caused Katrina’s Flooding to be worse than it should have been.

Note: I don’t usually go to this site, but this particular entry interested me.    I will Post some of the comments made there here, as well as How I Feel about a few particular comments.

Str8 Truth
New Orleans knew for almost 20 years before Katrina those levees were not in the proper condition. New Orleans did not upgrade them.

Score another one for the New Orleanians looking for a handout. One thing I can say about Mississippians and Alabamans, they picked themselves up and moved on with dignity, even though the rest of the world forgot about them. Katrina made landfall twice, and neither time was NEW ORLEANS!

And what This Person doesn’t see is that, We were told to stay away from New Orleans until the Water is Gone and Until Power and utilities can be restored, which would make the city livable in some areas. we couldn’t just come back and say “Ah Lets Rebuild!”. because it was illegal for us to stay. and due to Martial Law, Many who stayed were Jailed, Killed, or Killed themselves. because it was hard to survive in those conditions.


C Dub
The government conducted a modern day Holocaust to rid New Orleans of it’s primarily urban population and make it more attractive to tourist who visit for Made Graus and other festive activities

I can’t agree with the Modern Day Holocaust comment, but I believe that that that The Policies made by Local & State Government have been set to Keep its residents Down… They chose to Use lots of money to Create new Tourist Attractions, and to allow Bus tours of the 9th ward.. that sucked… BUT! without the people, nothing about New Orleans is Attractive. .. WE, The People  set the tone for this city.. In Many ways, Good or Bad.. yet we Live with it.

Here’s another response by Str8 Up

First, I am a proud, self-sufficient, independent woman. Were you affected by Katrina? If not you bring conjecture, nothing more. Every affected person I know from Mississippi or Alabama has rebuilt without the government or handouts. The day after, my community was out cleaning up, not screaming on TV.

Proud to say I survived, got up, rebuilt, and made my own way, like my fellow statemates. *pops collar*

Know what you are supporting before you support it. Know the backstory before you jump on the bandwagon. Do your research.

Oh and it is D-E-F-A-M-A-T-I-O-N.

She acts like she’s mad, I hate when people experience something like this and then say “ We aren’t waiting for handouts”.. it only shows how ignorant you are to the fact that we Couldn’t Stay here, We Couldn't Get up and Rebuild Days after..  

As for the Screaming on TV, How about this, many of us.. Like myself Felt that we had a story to tell. it wasn’t all Tragedy, It was a Story of Survival.  as well as a story of Truth and what I saw with my own eyes.

Living here now, I see what hasn’t come back and They’re all distant memories. When A Flood or the Government took away all I knew, I had to comeback somehow and rise above that. 

Yeah We Got Hand Outs, but we also Got Jobs, lived our lives and Did everything else to get on our Feet. WHILE THE CITY WAS FLOODED and we were DISPLACED..  Yeah we Know people died in Mississippi and Alabama too but was a whole City told to Stay away for Months.. NO.. This is why you were able to Stay There and do something.. We Couldn’t because we were not in the city..

Live and Learn
Only poor, uneducated people (mostly blacks) lived on the lower ground near the levee because the white people were smart enough to see the bigger picture. Give the same people money and they will foolishly waste it by returning to potential disaster once over. White people would take the money but move to even higher ground. Open your eyes and learn black people in the gulf area. Don’t build your home on shaky ground. Find a solid foundation out of harms way. There is a reason land and homes were so cheap in that lower section near the levee: it was called danger zone!

See, This is the kind of stuff that makes me Sick, because they DONT KNOW WHAT THEY”RE TALKING ABOUT!! .. You see.. It’s not a Black or white thing.. The whole area is surrounded by water. 

You can’t Hide from Natural nor Man Made Disaster.  you can only avoid it for so long until its meant for it to happen during your time in the area.

You act like we’re dumb because we chose to stay, We love our city, Maybe its not the best place for development, but We Live where we can survive. and we have survived.

This Whole City is a Danger Zone..  Everybody lives Near Water. See, These are the people that think that All the Black people lived in the Lower 9th Ward and that Whites lived everywhere else.. These are also the same people who cant Identify The lower 9th ward on a Map.  yet they wanna talk about Every “Black” era and call it the 9th ward out of Ignorance…

Yeah, This ain’t the perfect place. Nowhere is..

There were many Disasters & Federal Emergency’s In America Since Katrina… many of them Blamed New Orleans for FEMA & RED CROSS not Having money to Help them…

You ask us why do we live here?
Ask People in California why do they Live where Landslides & Earthquakes  or Even WILDFIRES are prone to happen..
Ask the people Nevada, New Mexico and Texas, Why do they live where Sand Storms are deadly?
Ask the people in Indiana why do they live in Trailers if they live in areas prone to Tornados?
Ask those who live Near Hoover Dam what where would they go if it floods?

… I’m Just saying…

You Can’t Avoid Everything bad thing  Life throws a you.. You just Choose to Accept your environment and take the Least Destructive path. This is why we survive..

Aside from The Racial Issues and The Corruption going on that holds us back as a city, we’ve all managed to live with the reality that it’s on US to make our lives better. Not what YOU FEEL ABOUT US!

I’m Done..


Note From The Book

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