Friday, November 27, 2009

It’s That Time!!!

Oh man! This has been a Busy week for me!.. let me give you somewhat of a rundown..

As you would already know if you know me, I have been covering the Bayou Classic events since with marchingsport. so In light of that, earlier this week I went to get a battery for the cam and to get some knee pads…

I was able to do that, the sad part is, I got the wrong battery and Small Knee pads yet my brother saved the day by bringing be back to the store to switched the battery. My dad saved the day by getting Knee pads from his job. 

With That said…….. I’m Set…

The same day, I saw Dre, I invited him to the Frat Gathering where we  Accepted 5 new members and met some of our Neos of the Beta Chapter.  I think its great because we’ve been Expanding since 05 man…

Thanksgiving was Nice, I went to head by My kinfolks… well Technically they’re all not my kinfolks but being that about 3 of them are my uncles sons that makes them related Therefore they all are my fam..LOL! .. yeh..

As for today. I’ll be covering the BOTB. but Not tomorrows game…  I WILL ATTEND that game though.. AHHH MAN! im GOOD!

Im about to head to Cafe Du Monde for this Frat Meet & Greet. I hope we don’t scare anyone with our Heavy Call Outs!

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