Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blogging Because

It’s the Last day of the year! it’s also the Last day of this Decade!..and I am 25, Time to take it to another Level! I have things to Long forward to coming up. I just wish my girls from the Ocean great success at what they’re about to accomplish.

It’s an Amazing thing, This year has been Wild, Next year will be my Learning Experience once again, Time for Trial and Error. I just hope I have more Hits than Misses. I’ve missed out on Too much. Now is my time.

It’s wild, I talked Pretty Angrily In reference to Quisha asking me things and then not really wanting my opinion, Well  she recently made a Facebook note post in reference to her appreciation for me in her “End of the Year Confessions” Note . I think its cool. and all, But man. to me she just has her picks and chooses. I can’t really take back what I wrote, nor do I need to because It is written .. LOL here’s what she wrote on Facebook…
That right there was a Situation where she asked things and then acted as if she really didn’t want to get an answer.. its like “Why Ask” .. but yeah that's my buddy.. sometimes she just gets hot tempered ….oh and her 3 month Hamster Died too.. *Tear*
Yeah.. I’ll Be Back
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