Thursday, December 24, 2009

Getting the Sport on the Right Track.

Seems like everyone wants the forum to change for the better, Therefore with the help of Slaw Busters Inc. the Site will be just a little more Interesting. On the site I basically vowed that something was going to happen to provoke Change. well yeah. SBI was it.

But Really, from the folks I’ve talked to. they want to see an environment suitable for everyone. for the past 2 years there’s been nothing but useless smack talk and chatter about random nothing. No Real Discussion. at this point. I’m gonna make it my duty to seek out and Take care of the Biz that makes it less attractive.

There will be Moderators on each forum, There will Be More Group Action. and I’m not talking about Groups as in the kind you set up on a page. I’m referring to an actually group of people who are socially Incline. .. While using an Online Group to to whatever they’d like.   Just to have a little “Group Rivalry” on the forum as DSRT did, COS did, ODS did and so on…  I just want more social activity on the site as we did before it was a Ning hosted site. back then we’d hope for those kinds of features. now we have them and nobody’s using them.

Can’t wait til that Time!! HA!

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