Friday, December 25, 2009

The Sport Gets what they Want for Christmas, SBI!

Today The New Line of SBI Members , Co-Created by Trey "Da One"
I basically used the same format as the previous times with the RNN Theme see it here  or look below

The Following Announcement Has Been paid for By Slaw Busters Incorporated

 Ladies and gentlemen of the forum. A new WAR against SLAW has begun and a dawn of order Is Has Returned

Nine Individuals have been summoned by the

Marchingsport Tactical Division of
Slaw Busters, Inc.

Each selected member has shown that they are committed to ridding the forum of
the fungus among us.

Therefore I Bring Yo You The...

25th Slaw Eradication Team

  • Darrius JagT-Bone Adger 
  • Disco sTu
  • Felicia  
  • Jaren
  • Kourtney "Da Rev." Smith
  • Natural_Beauti08
  • Phoenix 
  •  SkyHigh Dx
  • TBoneSuave


And If You Didn't See This Coming... It's Probably Because You are SLAW!!!

Just Remember Folks

"It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It"  
You don't Abide by That, You Will Be Terminated

.....May The Force Be With You

This Announcement Has Been Paid For....

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