Thursday, December 17, 2009

I guess my New Thing to say is this

*Shocking Revelation*

Lol, Yeah, Seems Like I’ve been using that term for the past 3 days now. I guess its one of those things that I'd be saying before Telling folks something that either I just figured out, or something that just came to mind that I assume they don’t know. .. But yeah Saying it in a rather humorous manner. nothing too serious. Unless.. well yeah.. Unless it’s Serious.

For Example, The other day a friend of mine was told about the Illuminati, and I explained some of the agenda according to conspiracy theorist. then I showed her a video of Chappelle’s interview on “Inside the Actors Studio”  basically where he asked “What’s Wrong With Hollywood” .. Basically speaking of Actors doing odd things and the media making them seem Crazy. There’s something behind it. Although Chappelle didn’t speak Directly of the situation. He was speaking of The Agenda of Illuminati. To Distract the Minds of The Masses  as The They Make Laws to Destroy our freedoms and spend big bucks behind the scenes.

I also told her about the NWO and how its Not a Group, and that its only The Idea of our Founding Fathers which Every President trys to Fullfill by taking It from “ The New World” (aka The Americas) to Global Domination. I also Explained that The Goal is Evil but the Intentions are Good.  But it’s not the same as the Illuminati. as I said, The Illuminati is only That which creates and puts out the Propaganda and Hope that we Believe it.  They Work in 2 ways, Subliminally or Directly. most of the Time Subliminal is the way to go. Due to its Indirect ways of Bringing someone to Light. Many feel that the The Many Masonic Orders are behind that. when They’re Just Societies with people in Power. these Groups may have Influence but not Total control.

If  You’re Unconscious of the Illuminati, They Can Trap you easier than someone who Knows their works.. But Yet That's the Point. They Want you to Know they Exist.  I have no problem with the Illuminati because in a way. they’re telling you That You SHOULD be Conscious of Everything. Otherwise You’re going to Get Caught up and Die because of it   It’s the NWO thing I have a Problem with. Why? Because The Laws have taken Affect in places all over. Its just a matter of time till we have a global meltdown.  That is Ungodly and Prophetic.

As I Told Ashley, Its Less about it’s only about Enlightenment. Not everyone can sit and analyze every situation whether political or not and say “ahh its evil” because many times it’s not.  I also told her that, Many of the same thing Blacks Blame Whites for have nothing to do with Whites, because Everybody’s affected by the Agendas of the Powers that Be.  so Just like Black folks blame “The Man” … The Illuminati is like “The Man Behind The Man”.. so to speak.

As I would say. You’re Never supposed to Look at something just one way. Open your eyes and and Wake Up, You’ll probably realize There’s More to every situation that what you know.

What’s Worse?, Being Watched and Having No Clue, or Knowing that you’re being watched? …  That’s where the Term “Big Brother Is Watching You” comes in to play.
A great example is Crime Cameras and Traffic Cams. You KNOW they’re there. because they’re there to control you. so you stay On Guard.. basically “Obeying their Laws”…  Lets say You DIDN’T Know..  you just ran a red light, Now there’s a Ticket in your mailbox with your photo inside.and your like “When was this”… That only means They GOT YOU. and they want you to know that They Exist.

That’s How it wotks.. Your Sense of Awareness is should be your guide. If it looks dangerous. get out of it. If its something you’re not Familiar with. Don’t get in to it Unless you Read up on it.   .. It’s Better to Know than to Not know at all.

and There you have it. a *Shocking Revelation*

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