Thursday, December 17, 2009

10 years of SBINC

So yeah, I was on the (as usual) reading a smack thread, this dude Goku mentions SBI after going hard in a Smack thread. it was Funny. but at the same time. My boys Dejuan and S. Paul asked about a Return. as well as PVSAX99. so i’m like .. yeah, but no…

Then. Dejuan took the Image from the sites SBI Group to Facebook, he started tagging people who were members, So then After, I started doing the same. I created a totally new Image. While thinking about it. I Realized that it all started in 1999.  at that point after Creating the Image, I Tagged All the people I could think of. It was kind of cool to bring back those memories.2351145

SupaKat said it wouldn’t have crossed his mind hadn’t I brought it up. He spoke of how SBInc has seemed to change the forum environment during its reign. Duiring its Expansion it became the Enforcers of every band forum, which was Tight, everybody wanted to BE SBI, I got in in 2003. and now its 09  and with my boys and Trey Requesting a return. it’s like having a mini Comeback.

I hope it works, last time It was a failed attempt. for the most part. I chose the right people. but the site shut down and Slaw retuned only to haunt the to New Site.

I even Took away someone's Membership (for political reasons) to allow S, Paul membership before i take in a new bunch of Recruits. I had too due to that persons Unwillingness to rejoin the site. he won’t mind he was part of a set that did nothing.  at this point I think it will be great. I already know who I want too.

Slaw Busters Inc: A Decade of Domination! .. Wow man!.. 10 years!

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