Saturday, December 26, 2009

If Boxed Shipping Starts In back in January and you know this, Why get upset with me.

So This Girl  sends me a Message of her recent conversation about a Package she’s supposed to get. and she cursed me out because I told her how it goes around this time…..
Here was the convo she had with a mutual friend.(Asterisks replace cussing)
Her: im trackin this lame A** Laptop, n its telling me it hasn't been sent yet,  its been 1-2 days
Him: sum ppl take longer, they gonna ship it tho
Her: : its priority shippin n everything, 2-3day shippin,  paypal say it was sent on the 23 usps says it was informed on the 24th… requested to b informed via email as to the status of the (location) n they gave me another lable (tracking) number
I Responded (here’s our convo)
ME: remember its the holidays, its gonna come after January.
Her:  thats a week,  no its not
ME:  I ordered a game from Amazon 4 days ago. shipping is 3 to 5 days  because of  Holiday shipping ended before christmas it'll be here by January 4th
Her: im not gonna accept that, i want ma money back if that is ture
Her: im serious, im flashin out
ME:  but its common for holiday shipping
Her: its pissin me off…. look voice of reason
ME:  No shipping takes place until after the 1st at this point, so where ever that thing is.. its gonna be there for the remainder of the year
ME:  hey I'm just stating the truth
Her: no thats lies
Her: ________________________ ignoring josh now
ME:  look up UPS and USPS Christmas shipping they're off
Her: ma dad went to work today n****  wat u mean
ME: he a post man?
Her: duh lol
ME: does  he deliver Packages?
Her: yea if its on his route ,i dont wanna talk about it no more… please
Her: f*** it ,  i dont care about it no more
Her: i dont care if it never f***ing comes
ME:  It'll be there e after January
Her: didnt i say i dont fuckin care
This Exact Conversation Represents one of the few things I dislike about her, she wants an explanation yet doesn’t like when the answer is the most logical… she just wants things to be her way. that's impatient.  why ask questions if you don’t really want an answer?…
She’s going to ask me to call her tonight, but I wont.. she needs to think about how she’s talking to me and how I really don’t like it.
I’m Out right now..
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